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Marlee Liss is a...

Somatic coach, award-winning speaker, author, restorative justice advocate and lesbian, Jewish feminist. Marlee's sexual assault case become the 1st in North America to conclude with restorative justice through the courts. She fought for her assailant to go to therapy, instead of prison and eventually they met in an 8-hour circle. Since then she's coached hundreds of women and non-binary folk & shared her story worldwide. She has been a fierce advocate for healing justice, sharing her voice (ie. on an elite panel for the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence and with US Military SAPRO)

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Past Speaking Experience: 

  • Speaking Engagements: Fordham School of Law, University of Toronto, Mount Allison University, CHW Charity, Converge Conference, 1st prize winner of the International Speaker Slam competition, Victims & Survivors of Crime Week hosted by Lanark County Community Justice, CoSa: Circles of Support & Accountability presentation, US Military SAPRO, Toronto Police Service, One Standard of Justice keynote, Canadian Restorative Justice Symposium 2021, Trauma & Recovery Conference 2022, Seneca College
  • Panels: Sat on the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence & is currently on the Transformative Accountability & Justice Initiative (TAJI) Advisory Council by WomenatthecentrE
  • Interviews: Forbes, Huff Post, CTV News, Buzzfeed, I heart radio, CBC News, Mel Robbins Show, Spiritually Sassy with Sah D'Simone, Alexandra Roxo Podcast, Commune Podcast with Jeff Krasno, Recovering from Reality with Alexis Haines, Confidently Insecure with Kelsey Darragh, Confidence Chronicles with Erika Cramer, Gravity Podcast with Wonder Media Network


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Keynote 1: "Restorative Justice for Sexual Harm: Why I Fought for a Circle, Not a Courtroom"

In 2019, Marlee's sexual assault case became the first in North America to conclude with restorative justice through the courts. She fought for her rapist to go to therapy instead of criminal trial and eventually, they met in an 8-hour restorative circle. After sharing with the media, she began receiving thousands of messages from survivors sharing their stories & why they wish they'd known about restorative justice. 

Marlee takes a vulnerable and educational approach to talking about this alternative to the punitive system. The focus throughout the program is to inspire folks to create a vision of justice that is synonymous with healing through informative storytelling. In an environment rooted in hope and empowerment, listeners learn about this justice pathway that breaks cycles of harm and ignites cycles of healing.


Keynote 2: "Healing after Sexual Trauma: From Victim to Survivor"

With a background in social work, somatic sex education, and eating disorder prevention, Marlee provides a perspective that allows survivors to: Prioritize self-care, begin feeling safe and powerful in their bodies, and reclaim the voice after trauma.  Marlee has faced her assailant in an 8-hour circle and shared her story with thousands of survivors worldwide. She has sat on an elite panel for the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence informing federal policy and has consulted for the US Military Sexual Assault Response team.

In this heart-led and trauma informed conversation, Marlee supports survivors and allies in healing after trauma. Without minimizing the impacts of trauma, listeners are reminded that they are so much more than what happened to them. Possibility and hope guides the conversation, as listeners connect with the pathway from victim to survivor.


Keynote 3: "The Sex Education we Need: Consent, Inclusion & Pleasure"

Most people's experience of sex ed was limited to putting a banana on a condom and calling it a day. It's all too common to hold shame and confusion around sexuality, which often results in: suppressing desires, violating boundaries, body image issues, internalized or perpetuated homophobia and rape culture. In this program, Marlee shares her personal journey of healing after sexual violence and coming out as queer.

Instead of letting silence and suppression persist around taboo topics, Marlee creates a safe and lighthearted environment to break through shame and claim empowerment. With a background in social work and somatic sex education, Marlee supports students in owning authentic desire & boundaries, learning consent and becoming skillful in building safer, more caring communities.


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