Media Coverage & Press

Articles & Publications

-Forbes: Cross examination is brutal, is it time to consider restorative justice in sexual assault cases? February 6th, 2020

-Huff Post: How a sex assault survivor found justice outside the courtroom, October 31st, 2019

-Buzzfeed News: She was allegedly raped and… November 7th, 2019

-Canadian Jewish News: Sitting down with the man who raped me by Marlee Liss, 2019

-Ms. Magazine: My Justice Dream by Marlee Liss, November 26th, 2019

-The Star: How a Markham sex assault survivor found justice and peace, November 2nd, 2019


-CTV News follow up: She forgave her rapist, now she helps other survivors of sexual assault heal, December 27th, 2020

-Canadian Women’s Foundation: How sexual assault survivor Marlee Liss is finding healing through restorative justice, November 4th, 2019 

-Walrus Magazine: How one woman reimagined justice for her rapist, March 2020

-York Region Paper: #MeToo, Thornhill’s Marlee Liss breaks silence on sexual assault, 2018

-John Howard Society: Restorative justice and sexual assault - Marlee’s story, December 4th, 2019

Speaking Engagements

-1st prize winner at the 2021 International Speaker Slam Competition

-CHW Toronto Shoshana Chapter

-Fordham School of Law: Committee on Sexual Assault hosts Week of action, 2021

-University of Toronto Criminology Department

-Victims & Survivors of Crime Week hosted by Lanark County Community Justice

-CoSa: Circles of Support & Accountability presentation

-US Military sexual assault prevention and response office

-Women at the centre - elite panel for the National Action Plan to end gender-based violence, 2021

-Toronto police service, 2019

-One Standard of Justice, Keynote, 2021

-Thinktank unplugged: International women’s day keynote speaker 2019

-Canadian Restorative Justice Consortium, 2021

-Converge Con Conference 2020: Restorative Justice for Sexual Violence

Podcast Interviews

-Confidently Insecure with Kelsey Darragh: Why I didn’t prosecute my rapist with Marlee Liss

-Queen of Confidence with Erika Cramer: Rape & restorative justice with Marlee Liss

-Commune with Jeff Krasno: Restorative Justice

-Recovering from Reality with Alexis Haines: Restorative Justice - the sacred act of confronting your rapist outside the legal system with Marlee Liss

-Basic witches with Leah Knauer and Rachel Laforest: Re-Humanize & Restore with Marlee Liss

-Fill your Cup with Rachel Molenda: Marlee Liss on Restorative justice for sexual assault


-Live Interview with Lora Dicarlo, 2021

-Candle in a dark room: Making justice and healing synonymous with Marlee Liss

-Live Interview with Rosie Rees: Restorative justice and reclaiming your sexuality after assault

-Shameless Sex Podcast: Why I sat in an 8-hour restorative justice circle with my rapist, June 9th, 2020

-Wildly Aligned Podcast with Natalie Brite: Restorative justice and sexual violence - turning pain to purpose through sensuality coaching

-The Big Story: Can restorative justice help rape victims heal? 2019

-Joyfully You Podcast: Healing trauma & claiming sexuality with Marlee Liss, 2020

-Live on purpose Podcast: Reclaiming our sensuality with Marlee Liss, 2020

-The Spiritually Sassy Show: Podcast on the Ripples of our Reclamation with Sah D'Simone, 2021

-Holy F*ck Podcast: Finding Heart through Justice with Alexandra Roxo, 2021

-Gravity Podcast: On Justice with Marlee Liss & Dr. Lucy Kalinithi


-Mel Robbins Show, 2019

-CTV news: Your Morning Show, 2019

-I Heart Radio: Rape victim confronts her attacker in restorative justice process, 2019

-CBC News, Victims & Survivors of Crime Week, 2020


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