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Marlee Liss
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Shed Body Shame & Rise in Unconditional Self-Love

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Transforming Trauma & Collective Healing


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self-love . Womb Wisdom . Feminine/Masculine Rising . spirituality

Photo by: @womynwithheart

Photo by: @womynwithheart

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I am honoured to step into this role as midwife, helping to birth your visions & dreams. The world is ready for your magic.

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I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at Ahimsa after living & working on Yasodhara Ashram, which is devoted to Kundalini yoga and the divine feminine.As Author and founder of the Re- Humanize movement, I am committed to challenging objectification, breaking the silence around sexual violence, & transforming trauma into brilliant self-love. I humbly devote my life to celebrating sisterhood, empowerment, embodied & word-woven expression

I am honoured to lead retreats alongside my mama, in which we create transformative, international gatherings for women to reclaim their radiance. My services also include 1-1 yoga, sacral somatic healing, women’s circles & workshops, and ecstatic dance events. My offerings pull from several areas of my life; including, my body-image/self-esteem work with NEDIC, anti-oppressive Social Work education, Reiki certification, Extensive dance background, Somatic Sex Education & Tantric training, Experience Facilitating movement on Grandmother Kaariina’s Sacred Womb’s Retreat, and Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Coach certification with the maia mystery school


Authored & Birthed by Marlee Liss

Re-Humanize is a book & movement challenging objectification, transforming trauma and Inspiring collective healing


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