Re-Humanize: The Book

Re-Humanize offers heart-softening remembrance of what it means to be human. With healing words born from the depths of the author’s pain, this narrative offers a window into sexual assault & the messy path of survival.

With poems that began forming just hours after being raped, Marlee shares her journey alongside facilitated discussion questions that inspire personal & collective healing. Throughout her process, the writing expands to discuss objectification, body image, consent, mental health, spirituality, fierce compassion,, self-worth, and more.

Re-Humanize takes all readers on a journey, gently empowering individuals to combat shame, and challenge silence around painful life experience. Each page serves as an ode to resilience, solidarity, and reclamation.

"Re-Humanize" is available world-wide.


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“This masterpiece is truly a gift to humanity. Thank you Marlee Liss. Your strength and courage will inspire others... of that, I am sure.” - Sherry Bennett

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With 13 beautiful artworks by Marielle Rosky, @mrfishink

With 13 beautiful artworks by Marielle Rosky, @mrfishink

"I can not express how wonderful this book is. I have never experienced what the author has been through, however I was so moved by this book. I truly believe that this book can be used in a variety of situations and can be a great support and a mode of positive motivation. I also strongly believe that it should be part of our high school curriculum. Everyone should own a copy of this book" - Alessandra Agostini, Amazon


"What an incredibly powerful book. This collection hit home for me for so many reasons. I have dealt with sexual assault myself, but this collection goes far beyond just that. It is about opening up your heart and allowing yourself to feel the pain and heal on your own terms. This collection shines the light on the attackers and shifts the blame from victims of sexual assault to the ones doing the assaulting. This collection was heartbreaking, raw, honest, powerful, and extraordinarily inspiring and hopeful. What a beautiful message on the power of pain, the journey of healing, and the resilience of the human soul." - Kelsey Genesi, goodreads


"This book changed my life. For every woman, for every person, this book is something you have to read this year. Front to back without stopping. It is incredible. Thank you, Marlee, for sharing this beautiful work with the world" - Nicole, Good Reads


"I picked up this book and couldn't put it down. It is raw and honest and written by one of the bravest souls. It comes at a time when we all need to be brave and especially supportive of one another. This book and author lead that charge." - Mamakay, Amazon


"Soul touching book. It gives a very strong message in a beautiful way. Highly recommend this book for everybody. It's very educational. The author has one brave spirit that transformed trauma into art and teachings." - Rocio Campo, Amazon