Ready to Claim a Fully Empowered Relationship to your Voice?!

In this mini-course, You'll learn how to shed shame around prioritizing your needs so that you can SPEAK your authentic boundaries, truth and desires. Only $17 for a limited time!

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What is Included...

3 Keys to reclaim voice. Stop suppressing your truth and silencing your boundaries. Time to SPEAK UP with full confidence and authenticity! 

  • Marlee's 60-minute video training: Sensual Voice Activation ft. the 3 keys that help you reclaim voice!
  • Guided ritual journey/meditation for voice reclamation.
  • Vocal Toning practice for embodied integration
  • Co-created list of resources for deepening skillfulness around boundaries

All this for only $17!!!!!

Let's Do This!!

Why Should You Listen to Me? ...

Good Question! I am all for discernment. Especially when countless people are telling you countless things on the internet everyday!

So let me introduce myself, I'm Marlee, a Sensuality Coach, Restorative Justice Advocate, public speaker, author and proud Queer woman.

My own struggles with sensual disempowerment and shame, led me to study social work and work at the National Eating Disorder Info Centre years ago. You may have heard of me because I made history in the justice system when my sexual assault case became the 1st in North America to conclude with restorative justice through the courts. 

I have helped women all over the world reclaim self-love, body confidence and sensual empowerment. My work has been featured on platforms like Forbes, Huff Post, Buzzfeed & Mel Robbins Show and my story is currently being made into a Hollywood series!


So My Loves, Are you Ready?!

You are so worthy & capable of claiming an empowered relationship to voice.

I'm Ready, Let's Go!!!!