Re-Humanize: The Movement

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Re-Humanize is a movement offering heart-softening remembrance of what it means to be human, challenging objectification and sexual violence through workshops, fundraisers, literature and more! 

We bridge a mind-based approach to deconstructing objectification culture with a heart-based approach of embodied healing practices. Activism meets Heart. Social Justice meets Spirituality. Events have included yoga, sound healing, mindful dance workshops, healing & discussion circle, and more.

Release past conditioning of objectification + embody the culture we wish to now create

Upcoming Events:

Embodying boundaries workshop & men & Women’s circle

Come together in connective mind-body exercises, meditation, and sacred circle… soften into this container of safety, find deeper understanding in your ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ and empower your choice & voice! Feel how your true YES and NO are innately the same vibration. This workshop is for all bodies wishing to deepen capacity to honour self with-IN and with-OTHERS. Let’s transcend pressure to please and perform and return to centre within a container of respect, celebration and heart.Let us come together and CREATE what we wish our world to be!

Workshop Flow:
- Opening Circle & Intention Setting Ritual
- Energy Shield Visualization
- Embodying YES and NO Meditation 
- Boundaries Practice: Mindful Movement & Partner Work
- Discussion & Closing Circle

Past events:

re-humanize: trauma-conscious yoga & women’s circle

My heart is SO FULL after our women’s circle & trauma-conscious yoga event last night. THANK YOU to the beautiful sisters who heard the call & joined us! Gratitude for the openness, trust & connection we cultivated. Thank you for being courageous enough to re-divine trauma & claim your right to heal, for yourself & all relations. Your presence & shared words of wisdom are forever held in heart. Thank you for celebrating solidarity, honouring instinctual mechanisms (fight/flight/freeze) as acts of self-love, & cultivating the capacity to witness emotions & choose responsive TOOLS based in awareness & compassion. Thank you IzabellaSoko Wellness for the spirit-nourishing kundalini flow, grounding us into our bodies & offering these nurturing TOOLS of safety, so that we may: witness, breathe, choose, continue.

Re-humanize: Mindful belly moves & women’s circle

Thank you to all the beautiful women (& baby max!) who came out to this Re-Humanize event. Deeply grateful to have co-created this gathering, with soul sister & mindful belly moves magic-maker, S'ya Bellycian. Such power when women come together. It was an honour to facilitate discussion around the ripple-outward affect of this ‘work’. Embodied activism! We are literally breaking down objectification culture, with every hip roll & breath that brings us back to our bodies/centres. Shifting from performance back to feeling because: a) it feels GOOD, b) our culture shapes our relation to our bodies, just as much as our relation to our bodies shapes our culture.

re-humanize: Yoga, sound healing & discussion circle

Photography by Patrick Shas

On February 3rd, Re-Humanize hosted a yoga-based event incorporating sound healing, meditation, and discussion around challenging objectification. Individuals came together to join Marlee Liss and Elayna JoynYoga for this morning of self-care, community, empowerment and healing. This was such a powerful morning spent cultivating self-love, blissful presence, and inner peace with a gentle all-level yoga flow at the beautiful Factory Lounge. Thank you to all who came out to challenge objectification and unlearn falsehoods that have led us to believe we're anything less than entirely whole. This by donation workshop was accessible to yogi's of all levels, bodies of all sizes, men, women, non-binary folk, and humans of all kinds!

Re-Humanize: Dance up a Movement, Dec. 21st 2017

Photography by Brittney Guimond


On December 21st, 2017, Re-Humanize hosted a dance-based fundraiser in Toronto! The event featured Tamina-Pollack Paris of Intuitive Feels (back up dancer for Lady Gaga), Reba Campbell of Badas$ Body Love, and the fiercely empowering Army of Sass. We danced up a movement through these workshops celebrating our resilient bodies and we were happy to donate the funds raised to the incredible organization, End Rape on Campus. This fully accessible event also included a Q&A with Re-Humanize founder, signed book copies, raffle prizes (see ticket add-on), a safe-space & solitude room, Re-Humanize merchandise, dance parties, and more!

Thank you to all who came out for this evening of fierce empowerment, heart-lifting vibes, community connection and support for this worthy cause, which encourages survivors to speak out, reclaim voice, and inspire change!