The Need for PAUSE: In the afterbirth of our manifestations  

Something I was recently speaking with a dear sister about…

What happens in the afterbirth of our creative process?

How do we hold our creations without jumping to ‘the next project’ too soon?


A powerful vision of manifesting through the chakra’s:

  1. Crown- idea pops into your head

  2. Third eye- you vision the idea

  3. Throat- you speak the idea

  4. Heart- you love the idea

  5. Solar Plexus- you take action on the idea

  6. Sacral- you nurture the idea and it’s growth

  7. Root- you birth the idea.

Boom. Your vision has come to life!

Jumping from one birth to the next

There is an aspect of myself that tends to morph my creative abundance into a perception of pressure. I believe it comes from all the fire in my birth chart, as well as our societies excessive overvalue of Doing and equating purpose with project. On a regular day, 1000 ideas are popping into my head per minute. Often by the time I birth one thing, I’m already in the process of creating the second. This is awesome and powerful and artistic and great, but it’s also not sustainable. It’s also productivity-heavy. It’s also disrespectful to my creative process and to the arrival of my creations.

Pause is important and integration is key.  

And there is most definitely, a manifestation process that CONTINUES even after a creation has arrived.

I remember the first time I actually held my book ‘Re-Humanize’ with full presence. The book had already been printed and on sale for months. And regardless of holding a copy hundreds of times, I hadn’t truly touched it. I hadn’t marvelled at the miraculous nature of its arrival; I hadn’t honoured myself for all the work and energy and emotion that went into its formation. I hadn’t held it to heart, cherished it for all that it contains, sat with it for hours.

And because of this unwillingness to pause and truly acknowledge the arrival of this creation, something felt off. Something in me felt avoidant and restless.

 Honouring the arrival

I remember going to a Chapters Indigo at this time and standing in the self-help section, feeling like there was a ‘right’ book I needed to choose to read. I feel like I stood there for an eternity, paralyzed by the pressure I was giving to this decision. Eventually, I walked out empty-handed and lightning-bolted home. When I arrived, I was clearly guided, by spirit or love or whatever you’d like to call it, to simply put my hands on the book I had birthed. I sat on my bed holding ‘Re-Humanize’ and I cried and cried and marvelled. It felt like release and it felt like relief. Like I was finally feeling the tangible miracle that this creation was and is.

In holding my book, I could feel the power of the way we, as humans, RE-DIRECT energy.

Something that could have been a song or a dance or our silence or our suicide or our beginning or our ending or our nothing- gets made into whatever we chose it to be. The power of art and transmutation. I was struck by this capacity to make one thing into something else. Tangibly holding proof of the ways in which we can turn our pain into a masterpiece that we are proud of. How we can turn trauma into poetry. Or loss into life purpose. 

It is incredible.

Advocacy for afterbirth care

So, I am advocating for more respect of this post-creation stage


Let us tread mindfully through those phases of afterbirth. The ones unspoken that follow the root and prelude the crown. To rest in this in-between, that is both dawn and dusk. To not yet jump to the next thing, but to hold this tender, new-to-the-world creation in our arms and to rock it. To ensure the space for pause that allows us to see the enough-ness, to feel the fulfillment, and to know the moments of arrival that comprise our lives.

Otherwise, we get caught in lack-driven cycles of impact, of ‘do more’, of ‘create faster’. We get caught in ‘once + then’ traps that never end. We become weighted down by capitalist worker mentalities and always scarce bank accounts.  We drown in exhaustion, as every finish line morphs into the beginning of yet another marathon.

In this way, we burnout. We fall prey to obsession with outcome. And worse, our creations never fully get to land on this earth. They don’t get to adjust to this new climate, in order to make waves in the world as they would if they were fully here, adjusted, and present. There is a landing, washing, tending, appreciating, acclimatizing phase, as well as a gentle nurturance without a timeline.

This is why women’s bodies are not made to conceive right after giving birth. We can’t. We won’t. We must hold our babies, we must slow down and we must marvel at What Is, before dreaming again of: what could be. The dream is beautiful. The rest is important.

Cyclical salve for capitalist culture.

With love to all of your creation babies, whether they’re here and held, not yet existing, or slowly forming, 

In gratitude and heart,

Marlee Liss

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