Path of the Sacred Feminine: From Dissociation to Embodiment

One of the biggest shifts in my life began, when I chose to value the ground as much as I do the sky. I remember reading Sera Beak’s book ‘Red, Hot & Holy’ and being struck with this revelation of: Marrying My Physicality.

For me, I had always been somewhat of a spiritual being. By this, I simply mean, that I was always enchanted by life. I left offerings for unseen creatures like fairies and elves in my backyard, stealing milk from the fridge and combining it with sparkles- then leaving this concoction with a blessing by a tree. From a young age, I told my Mom that the Sky was in Love with me. I always felt some sort of magical presence that filled my world with colour, purpose, and much space for play.

But for me, like many spiritual beings and definitely like those raised within patriarchal religions or spirituality’s… I always placed this magic outside of myself. I looked to the stars for guidance. I looked to the clouds to be consoled. I deemed primitive, sexual acts as separate from spirit. And I saw my body as a mere vessel to hold the stuff that really mattered: my soul. Beyond this, I saw my skin as something that stood in the way of me and my soul. Some kind of barrier.

Many religions only value what comes after life, focusing on a heaven that exists outside of this earth realm. Celebrating what is to come and diminishing what IS in the process. The earth becomes an unimportant in-between and the body becomes an unappreciated, temporary living space. Imagine how differently we would treat the earth, if we collectively agreed that we were living INSIDE of heaven, breathing as stewards ensuring that this oasis of earth may live long and thrive. Imagine how differently we would treat each other, if we collectively agreed that our bodies were just as sacred as the stars. Imagine how differently we would treat our physical selves, if we collectively agreed that our physical matter IS the anchored down star-stuff, which makes up this earthly haven.  

The Path of the Feminine: Down & In

In the path of the sacred feminine, we don’t journey Up & Out to connect with the magic, we journey Down & In. We look to our womb spaces, our own hearts, and the wisdom that dances through our DNA. We look to our roots and honour the ancient guidance of our ancestors that may speak through our voices and love through our lungs.

We commit to keeping our feet grounded firmly in the earth, claiming our right to be here and unlearning any notions which suggest anything other than this eternal belonging. We know that the mundane and the magic are not separate from one another and we do not belittle any human experiences or emotion. We embrace everything and deny nothing. We hold the whole with tenderness, appreciation, and love. We honour our lower chakra’s (root, sacral, and solar plexus) just as much as we value our upper energy centre’s (throat, third eye, and crown). We devote our lives to being bridge builders. Connecting worlds with our hearts, we anchor the stars down onto the ground and send our voices to the cosmos like rising smoke. We do not pick and choose. We embrace and discern.

Such commitments naturally result in: more love for our bodies as we recognize the sacredness of the physical, more respect for our sensuality, more trust and connection with our sexuality, more opportunity for beautiful intimacy and connection, and more.

Transcendence or Dissociation? 

When one is engaging in the many beautiful, masculine-dominant spiritual practices that exist, it is important to check in with motive.

Are you meditating on transcendence in order to deepen into love or to dissociate from what may be painful in this body or on this ground? It takes immense strength and courageousness to Be Present With all that is existing on our planet. Therefore, I truly feel that the Path of the Warrior dives deeper into this human experience. It is one thing to achieve mastery of meditative states when on an ashram, in the Himalaya’s or in a monastery… AND it is another thing requiring great strength, to maintain such states of love at a family dinner, during a conflict with a lover, or on a bustling city street.

Are you checking out of this human experience or are you deepening into gratitude for this life? Are you staying present with the sensations of your body, letting your soul drink in this experience of aliveness through your eyes, ears, mouth, touch, smell? Or are you dissociating from your physicality and choosing to escape or numb?

My Journey of Honouring Humanness

I believe firmly that I came here as a human for a reason. That if I were meant to incarnate as a rock or an eagle, then I would have done so. I choose to value creations (my own body) just as much as I value creator (spirit, god, divinity, whatever you want to call it).


For me, it has always been easy to live in the clouds, to only see what is bright and easy and shiny, to daydream about floating with the stars and dancing with the divine. But, the greatest wake-up call of my life came when I realized this was merely an illusive kind of freedom. I was not appreciating this body and this life I’d been given and I was living in a dangerous and delusional state.

It was at this time of my life that I experienced rape and on some level, this was an initiation much needed (this is not to justify rape. If this is your interpretation, please reach out). I felt that I was thrown out of the clouds and smacked down onto earth. It was harder here, more dense, more dangerous, more painful, more everything. And yet, on the other side of that pain, came so much beauty. Trudging through sexual assault survival, I nearly checked out of this life… I navigated suicidal thoughts and such soul-shattering grief.

And at this time of devastation, I noticed something lens-altering: this pull to check out of earth/this body was not new for me. What was different was that these dissociative tendencies were now being driven by grief. While at other times, this escapist state and longing to be somewhere other than where I am, was driven by joy/daydreaming. Although immensely different in many ways, both circumstances undervalued and ignored the gifts that are Here for me when I choose to be fully and physically present.

Marrying the Sacred and the Physical 

Now, I choose full presence with this physical life. I make my spiritual journey one that is guided by deepening into this body and heart. I commit to being courageous enough to stay with my breath when things get challenging and I let my spirit receive the applause of the stars, as they marvel at my choice to stay rooted. I learn the miraculous-ness of the mundane with each passing tear, laugh, dance, and howl. I appreciate creator by drinking life’s riches through all of my senses. I celebrate my sexuality and sensuality as sacred. I honour my body as a part of heaven itself. I let the trees marvel back at my beauty as we share in reciprocal, unconditional awe.

I use every inhale as an opportunity to be with what is alive in my body. I envision my soul as something that surrounds me, rather than as a tiny light hidden somewhere in my vessel. I acknowledge the earth as heaven herself, choosing to recognize each moment as an Arrival rather than, as a mere means to an end. I treat the people around me as allies on this earth-heaven walk and this changes absolutely everything. I honour every emotion as a great protector and functional teacher. I celebrate every connection as a moment never-to-be-created again, a great opportunity to exchange gems of knowledge and love.

I realize, I reclaim, I re-member: Everything is Here. And I am exactly as I am meant to Be.

With gratitude and infinite heart, 

Marlee Liss

*Note: the feminine does not refer to the gender construct of ‘female’, it refers to an energy that is available in all beings, regardless of gender, age, background, size, etc.

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