Sacred Storm: 3 Practices to Claim Conscious Anger

Your anger is sacred.

And if you don’t feel a personal fire burning in the coals of your womb space, you can peel back those rocks to reveal generations of oppression-made-rage. Like a bubbling cauldron burning within, built upon the screams of too many burning men, beings, women… exiled for only their healing powers.

Your rage has the capacity to make fire itself sweat.

I felt this the other day, with subtle awareness of how non-personal my anger is.

I feel how by clenching my fists and digging my feet into the ground, with the conviction of a storm spiralling outwards from its very centre... I am embodying an ode to all the parts of us who have been wronged.

To the parts of me that have been wronged.

To the too many of us that have been violated, silenced, neglected, demonized, diminished. There is a Pele made volcano bubbling within my power centre and the storm that she brews may be deadly. It is certain that she wishes death to all things constructed of ego, greed and pride - she casts such outdated paradigms into the fire of transformation, with a ‘rest-in-severance’ to all that no longer serves.

In your anger, I bow to you.

Did you know that lightning is the effect of air splitting apart and thunder is the sound of it clapping back together? Thunder is the sound of power in self-union after fragmentation occurs. It’s a literal clap back ... Let us stop apologizing for such fierceness and recognize that our anger is the spark behind all social movements, progress and change. Lightning is what illuminates the sky, calls for justice, and sends a powerful signal of ‘No More’... firm enough to put an end to eons of silence and violence.

Re-Divine Anger

Here is an excerpt from my second book in the making. This writing explores anger as a misunderstood force that may prevent people from embracing forgiveness and reconciliation, especially with the ‘opposite gender’…


Because of the distortion around rage,

Re-divine-ing Anger gets its very own special section

Like all emotions,

Anger has its severance-aspect and its service-aspect

Its Light and its Shadow


Anger is the only emotion that we have blended together with Action and Direction

We say,

‘Who are you angry at?’

But we know that it does not make sense to say,

‘Who are you happy at?’ or ‘Who are you sad at?’


Many of us have been fed the belief that Anger is bad

Inherently violent and chaotic


But the most violent decision is truly that of repression,

Truth swallowed down under the guise of ‘niceness’

For nothing leads to more boiling over

War within, explosion without


If your resistance to bridge building is rooted in rage,

Know that you are not alone

There are countless real and valid reasons to feel fury,

This spiraling storm may be weathered by your own wounds

Or by the wounds of your ancestors, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers

It may be yours and yours alone

Or it may be the world-wide wrath of the collective


Remember that every emotion has a function and a Light-aspect, in service of our hearts



Is the key to setting boundaries

To recognizing situations of injustice

Anger is the fire of awareness moving through our bodies,

To ensure that we see when a line has been crossed

Anger is the transformative spark behind every social movement,

To demand that our world is propelled into progress

Anger is a volcanic eruption that sounds like No More

To signify the unquestionable need for Change or Withdrawal


In the loudness of Anger,

We are freed from fog-filled minds of murk

Unbound from the ways we’ve been accepting the unacceptable

Tolerating the intolerable

Anger shakes us awake from a toss-turn sleep on a cold cement floor

And asks that we carry ourselves to a warm bed of moss

To any space where we feel safe enough to melt into peace and surrender


The emotional experience of Anger must be distinguished from its chosen Action

We must cultivate skillful discernment in selecting outlets that serve

And allow Anger’s signal for destruction to work this way:

Put an end to that which Harms and pave the way for that which Heals

We must gather such outlets: Punch bags, rap battles, stomp grounds, blacken canvases, spit poetry, write storms, scream songs, dance cries, curse skies

And fiercely,



In this way,


Anger becomes a powerful force for creation


After experiencing sexual trauma,

Writing Re-Humanize became my crucial salvation

With my pen in hand, I was able to:

Take what was destructive in my mind

And turn it into creation on paper

Making Anger a catalyst for conscious expression and growth


Is Anger-in-Service

And we will dive deeper into its magic in a later discussion of Fire


Anger-in-Severance is not even anger,

It is actually the result of repressed emotion erupting into chaos

And it reflects the inability to distinguish between:

Anger (felt emotion) verses aggression (directed action)


Just like sadness or any emotion,

Our Anger need not be directed at a person

Our Anger can be an internal experience that propels empowerment and change

Our Anger can also give us the confidence to confront with compassion,

To communicate hurt or to construct new circumstances

To talk towards resolve or to walk away from toxicity


We have seen the scary effects of Anger being repressed

In, “To Be a Man” by Robert Augustus Masters,

It is said that repressed anger will go in one of two directions

It will either be sucked up into the mind or sucked down into the body,


In the mind,

Repressed anger creates a storm of critical thinking, mind chatter, stress and instability

Its distorted form may ask us to blame, shame, dwell, dominate, hurt, spiral, steal


When repressed anger is sucked down

Into our bodies

It is likely to fuse together with our sexuality,

Creating a chaotic cocktail of: Sexuality + Rage

Masters explains that despite appearances,

This anger sucked down is truly desperate to be released or expressed,

And because of this,

This downward force of repression is likely to become propane that may fuel:

Porn addiction, excessive masturbation, disrespect, non-consent, misogyny, rape fantasies, or acted upon sexual violence



This Anger-in-Severance

Is not even Anger!

But, rather the shadowed outcome of anger repressed


In the art of building bridges,

Our conscious construction

Will not be blocked by Anger when it is expressed

The mindful expression and embrace of such rage,

May actually allow us to rise in resolve


Anger-in-Service can become the driving force

That encourages us to continue creating change,

When we find our spirits too tired and our minds too doubtful

Honing this emotion in in a skillful way allows for connection in place of division

A force making space for us to come together in





And Collective Healing


Practice #1: Anger Toolkit

Studies have found that anger actually lowers levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).1 What are some rituals to embrace anger and to express it in a functional way? Would such practices result in less harm towards the self and others? Just as we have practices (hopefully) in place for sadness and other emotions. It is helpful to have a toolkit in place for when you are moving through anger. After acknowledging that anger is present, we get to choose how we will move through such feelings. Make yourself a list of transformative practices that help you move through your anger. Let this list be guided by embrace of your emotions, with the safety and well-being of yourself and the collective in heart/mind.

Practice #2:Anger Playlist

When I worked with a team of awesome humans at a smoothie bar… I let them know that I sort of skipped my teen angst phase. I expressed to them that I felt pretty disconnected to my rage, but that I knew it was stirring deep within. As previously identified ‘metal heads’ and ‘emo high schoolers’, they were more than elated to make me a playlist with their favourite angry tracks. This list compiled all of the songs that lit fires in their bellies, fuelling transformation and uninhibited expression of such fierce feels. Make yourself a playlist to have on hand. You can make one for any emotion really- let it be the soundtrack of your storm. This practice also invites in totality with the emotion, naturally letting resistance or denial of the feeling fall away.

Practice #3:Movement Practice

“Anger is a cue that something is wrong; to help mobilize our psychological and physical resources in order to help one combat injustice and abuse.” — Hendrie Weisinger, Ph.D. For this reason, anger is the emotion that activates the largest amount of adrenaline within our bodies. We can use this release to the best of our advantage, letting a burst of anger become an opportunity for a burst of movement or exercise. In this way, we nourish our bodies rather than letting stress build and bubble within. In cycles of anger, I often find myself called to the dance floor to rage, wild and untamed. A dear sister, DJ Wildfire and I, actually birthed a recurring ecstatic dance event around this mergence of movement + anger… deeming this rage-friendly space: Femme Fire. We welcome punching pillows, screaming, smashing yoga blocks (or whatever is available/smash safe) on the ground, and other such untamed expressions. Let anger move through you and move you. There is not so much space between such expressions and powerful moments of transformation, passion or breakthrough.

Let’s commit to this: No more repression.

I love, welcome and cherish all of you. Thank you for loving my Wild Kali Fire.

With gratitude and heart,

Marlee Liss

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