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I invite you to work with me & the SWA global community for the next 8-months in this transformative program. Here, you'll let go of body image issues, sexual shame and low self-worth AND claim EPIC body love, sensual empowerment & confidence. 


Does any of this sound familiar?



You struggle with loving and accepting your body for what she is today. You find judgement when you look in the mirror & you're tired of feeling like you're not worthy of love or desirable.


You have been holding onto deep shame or past trauma around your sensuality and sexuality. You're tired of bringing fear, insecurity & shame into intimacy. You want to know what it's like to feel empowered & free in your unique sensual expression.



You struggle to voice your boundaries and desires without shame. You know your life & relationships would change for the better if you could unapologetically ask for what you need and want.


Are you ready to do what you need to do, in order to let go of all that is holding you back... from claiming FULL self-love & sensual empowerment? 

If that sounds familiar, then keep reading...

Your Healing is the most Selfless thing you Could do... Here is Why:

The truth is - these struggles are not yours alone. So many of us face these insecurities and painful barriers daily. It's time for us to break these cycles of shame and ignite something SO much more loving. Not just for ourselves, but for all young children, women & non-binary folk and beings in the world!


What if there is a better way to live...

Imagine if you could...

Feel so incredibly beautiful, safe and powerful within your body. 

Know your sensuality as sacred & feel completely in love with all aspects of your life. 

Meet intimacy as grounds for healing, reverence, joy and respect. 

Know yourself as a precious, worthy individual and you magnetize those who beautifully treat you as such.

Feel wholeheartedly in love with yourself and fully connected to your pleasure in your everyday life.

Embody your truest self to such a degree, that simply by BEING YOU, you become inspiration for everyone around you to reclaim their worth.


Not only is this vision available to you.

It's actually your birthright.


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

-Anais Nin

Introducing the...

Sensual Wholeness Academy

The Sensual Wholeness Academy is a group coaching program & online course created by Marlee Liss & the SWA Team. In the course of 8-months, you'll learn to claim sensual empowerment, body love, self-worth and the sisterhood you've always dreamed of.

You'll attend live masterclasses, group coaches sessions, movement classes AND you'll receive 24/7 support, video trainings, and next level embodiment practices!

This is a course for women and non-binary folk from all walks of life. Scroll down to the FAQ section on this page for more info on who this is for & how it works!

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Here is what other Sensual Wholeness Academy Queens had to say...

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So, what do you learn in the SWA?

Module 1: Claim the Feminine

  • Release conditioning & unlearn patriarchal messages that stand between you and your highest pleasure
  • Remember the power of the feminine & cyclical living
  • Claim erotic innocence and anchor in the path of embodiment

Module 2: Heal the Masculine

  • Heal your relationship to men, especially around paternal lineage, brothers and/or past lovers
  • Strengthen your own sense of discernment & authority
  • Embody boundaries, claim your voice & choice + true YES and NO

Module 3: Inner Union

  • Let go of shame around your sexual past and history
  • Cultivate a mindful trauma-informed self-pleasure practice for embodied self-love 

Module 4: Emotional Radiance

  • Cultivate emotional literacy through teachings on processing grief, anger and all the feels. Remember vulnerability as strength.
  • Transform trauma through somatic healing and alchemize wounds into your greatest treasures
  • Learn about different mythologies and archetypes to support you in claiming emotional empowerment

Module 5: Infinite Body Love

  • Release body & genital shame. Unlearn messages from society that stand between you & full body love. Cultivate media literacy for self-esteem.
  • Claim a loving relationship to food through teachings on self-consent & nourishment
  • Practice mirror gazing to  free yourself from feelings of not-enoughness and comparison traps

Module 6: Sexual Reclamation

  • Sex Ed gets the GLOW UP she deserves: as we journey through sacred sexual science & become experts in diverse anatomy *trans, non-binary & intersex inclusive
  • Understand your own personal pleasure patterns, sexual temperament and needs
  • Dive into a sensual dance training to unlearn performative pleasure 
Module 7: Empowered Intimacy
  • Practice authentic relating & sacred partner practices in order to deepen intimacy
  • Learn about the Consent Wheel and become a master in claiming & communicating desire, touch, play *inclusive for LBGTQ+ folk & ethical non-monogamy 

Module 8: Orgasmic Living

  • Learn about financial feminism and how holding boundaries/naming desires can create shift
  • Learn about 2SLGBTQIA+ empowerment, compulsory heterosexuality, celebrate queerness & sacred sensuality for ALL bodies/identities
  • Dive into integrative practices - these teachings are for life!

Bonus Modules:

  • Confidence Masterclass with Erika Cramer
  • Pleasure, Mental Health & Chronic Pain with Kelsey Darragh
  • Yoga & Sound Healing
  • Sacred Sexuality &  LGBTQIA+ Empowerment with Rosie Rees


Plus Every Month you Get...

-Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Marlee & the SWA team

-VIP FB Group to connect with your Global Sisterhood

-Guided Meditations & Playlists just for you

-Live Welcome Call & Guest-Led Masterclasses

-Movement Classes for Holistic Health & Empowerment

-Support Emails & Love Letters to keep you on track!

-Bi-weekly 1-1 partner assignments for connection ft. guided prompts

Need to hear more proof that the SWA really transforms lives?! Watch this...


Meet your Facilitator, CEO of the SWA: Marlee Liss

Marlee is a sensual reclamation coach, award-winning speaker, author and restorative justice advocate. She is also a queer, sparkle-loving feminist and trailblazer. Marlee made history in the justice system when her sexual assault case became the 1st in North America to conclude with restorative justice. Since then, she has coached hundreds of women internationally in reclaiming sensuality and embodied leadership.

Marlee's work has been featured in Forbes, Huff Post,Buzzfeed, Mel Robbins Show, Recovering from Reality podcast with Alexis Haines, and more. You can find all of her press and media coverage listed here. In addition, Marlee is a public speaker (1st prize winner at the International Speaker Slam competition) and has presented for for the US Military Sexual Assault Response Team, on an elite panel for the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence, Fordham School of Law and more. Currently, her story is being made into a documentary and scripted Hollywood series, as she works on her memoir and hosts The Sensual Revolution Podcast.

Advocate & Trailblazer

Ft. in Forbes, Huff Posts, Buzzfeed, Mel Robbins Show, Spiritually Sassy Show with Sah D'simone, Holy F Podcast with Alexandra Roxo, Recovering from Reality with Alexis Haines

Award-Winning Speaker & Author

Marlee published her book on SA Survival on 2018. Recently, she won 1st prize out of 43 speakers at the international Speaker Slam competition.

Coach & Podcast Host

Marlee has supported thousands of women in reclaiming sensuality through her coaching programs, retreats, +13.5K IG Following, and TSR Podcast. Here's to LGBTQ+ leadership!

Meet your Program Assistant & Co-Facilitator!


Gina Marie is an experienced mental health clinician, certified meditation and trauma-informed yoga teacher, and love and intimacy coach. As a graduate of the SWA and member of Marlee's team, she shares her passion for supporting women in their healing and reclaiming their sacred sensuality. Gina Marie is also the Co-founder and former Host of Mixed in the Six, a podcast and community amplifying the voices and stories of multiracial people. In her spare time, she is a karaoke enthusiast, plant mom and pleasure activist!


Let yourself imagine:

What if this course really does...

Empower you to love your body more than ever?!

Case Study 1: You learn to love what you see in the mirror more than ever before - like Charlotte did. After a lifetime of struggling with body shame & disordered eating she now says, "I know that my worth is unquestionable now & I love myself and my body more than ever - it's amazing that I get to feel that"

Help you have the most beautiful relationships of your life?!

Case Study 2: You learn to put boundaries on toxic behaviours & claim such healthy relationships - like Ansley did. After years of pain following an abusive relationship, she says: "I am now experiencing the kind of love & pleasure I've never let in in my life. I feel I claimed my ability to let love in"

Teach you to feel more confident in your sensuality than ever?!

Case Study 3: You learn to let go of fear or shame around intimacy & and you feel so gorgeously powerful in your pleasure - like Kim did. After years of shut down after sexual trauma, she says: "I can honestly say it's like breathing fresh air. I feel grounded now in who I am  - a strong, sensual, powerful woman"

Still have questions? No worries, here are some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

You are so ready for this!

Listen love, you are SO worthy and capable of this reclamation. You deserve to let go of the shame that's been holding you back from claiming your full confidence, joy, body love, sensual empowerment & self-worth. We know that it can be SCARY AF to dive into this healing - but ask yourself: Why spend another minute feeling anything less than sensually empowered, supported & confident?

Let's break those cycles of shame & claim this power together. Your sisterhood & sensual self-love awaits!!!!

I am ready to take the next step!!! Let's book that consultation!

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