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You deserve to feel beautiful, safe and powerful in this life. These practices are SO much more than prompts, they guide you into deeper somatic (body) awareness!

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22 Journal Practices to claim sensual self-love and embodied presence.

  • Create a consistent practice that allows you to deepen self-care, self-awareness and embodied empowerment
  • Claim radical acceptance and body wisdom by developing a compassionate somatic lens
  • Learn to feel supported and regulated in moments of stress and chaos
  • Re-define pleasure and learn how to bring more body awareness & appreciation into your everyday
  • Romantic self-dialogue practices to build sensual self-love

You'll also receive a BONUS Guided Meditation for Embodied Presence & other resources for self-love!

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Who am I?...

Hi! I'm Marlee Liss: Sensuality Coach, Restorative Justice Advocate, award-winning speaker, Jewish lesbian feminist, and author.

My own struggles with disordered eating and sexual trauma, led me to study social work and work at the National Eating Disorder Info Centre years ago. I fought for my personal sexual assault case to become the 1st in North America to conclude with restorative justice through the courts. Meaning my assailant went to therapy and we eventually met in an 8-hour circle, rather than proceeding to trial.

I have helped women all over the world reclaim self-love, body confidence and sensual empowerment. My work has been featured on platforms like Forbes, Huff Post, Buzzfeed & Mel Robbins Show. I've consulted for the US Military Sexual Assault Response Team and sat on an elite panel for the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence.

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Here is just 1 of the 22 practices included in this e-book! I told you ;) These are SO much more than journal prompts.

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You so deserve to claim sensual self-love & embodied presence! Let's make this your year.

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